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Going where no other companies have gone before

Providing logistical solutions
beyond the standard

Dedicated to provide a complete all-around and need based service of equipment rental,
logistics support and mechanical maintenance in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries in Africa.

Complete package offering includes:

Equipment rental

Logistics services

Logistics support

High-quality solutions under one roof

Tailored fleet management support and project management

With the heart of our logistics support and mechanical maintenance situated in Gabon Africa, we provide you with professional services from project management to integrated services, focused on on-shore.

Our services are tailored to see that the right resources are provided, maintained, repaired and timely modified whenever deemed necessary to optimise your project’s performance.

Equipment rental

  • Lifting equipment
    (cranes / telehandlers / forklifts etc)

  • Heavy road transport
    (6x6 and 6x4 trucks, Logging trucks, heavy flatbed trailers and tipper trailer)

  • Light vehicles
    (4x4 pick ups / 4x4 buses / SUV)

Logistics services

  • Cargo transportation

  • Logging transportation

  • Mining transportation

  • Fuel & dangerous goods transportation

  • Cross border transportation

  • Refrigerated transportation

  • Personnel transportation

Logistics support

  • Full lifecycle maintenance

  • OEM in country spare part stock availability

  • In country Operations Support backed by a global team

A strong fundament for a longlasting collaboration

Over 30 years of international recruitment experience

Onstream Group succeeds time and time again to provide quality skilled staff

With clients all over the world, supported by our multi-lingual, experienced recruitment team, we are well positioned to take on your recruitment and manpower needs wherever your operations demand.

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to streamline your logistics?

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Gregory Hernandez
Group Commercial Manager – Logistic Services
M +31 6 53 84 64 67

40 years of experiences

Delivering our promise of consistent, high quality service worldwide

As a leading service provider in industrial markets, we serve you with over 40 years global industry experience. Our service lines enable us to quickly adapt to your company’s needs. You will be provided with tailored solutions that are innovative, cost-effective and operationally efficient.

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