Antro Werkt B.V. acquisition

During the past couple of years, the Onstream group has been strategically thinking of diversifying into other branches in the Netherlands. As a result, we have now acquired Antro Werkt B.V.

This company with over 30 years of experience focused exclusively on recruiting butchers for traditional butcher shops, supermarkets and the meat industry. Their extensive footprint on the local Dutch market, passion for their work, and wide experience in the field, makes them a perfect match for the Onstream Group. We trust this similarity in business approach will ensure smooth working conditions as well as a better ability to secure healthy and lasting relationships with clients.

Even though ANTRO specializes in supplying butchers for the meat industry, we have now expanded the scope of operations to provide specialized personnel for the food industry in general. These include, chefs, line cooks, restaurant managers, butchers, etc. We expect this augmentation to attract more business opportunities and increase our success rate as a Group. In addition, we work with high-quality clients, who will offer the ideal working environment for our recruits to excel.

This represents a great opportunity to expand our scope of operations, as well as to further establish the Group. We plan on steadily expanding the brand for the following 5 years to secure as high of a market share as possible. Antro will become a known and quality proven food service personnel provider in the Netherlands. 

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