Asset Integrity

Onstream Group prides itself with over 40 years of experience in the global Oil & Gas Industry, providing integrated Asset Integrity Solutions to our clients worldwide. Our Technical Operations Team will provide tailored and cost effective solutions for your projects both on- and offshore.
Complete package offering includes:

Rope Access | Scaffolding | Blasting & Painting | Fireproofing & Insulation | Anti Corrosion | Mechanical Preparation


  • Rope Access allows to perform work at heights or in confined spaces Weaccess for maintenance of painting, leak repair, placing cables, UV Protections,drains and much more
  • With rope access support, weperform visual and photo inspection of platforms
  • Onstream offers efficiency of operations and reduction of time and costs
rope access image


  • Scaffolding for on & offshore sectors, as well as on Heavy lifting Vessels and production platforms
  • A large team of 250+ scaffolders supervisors, and inspectors
  • Strict compliance with safety guidelines and client requirements
  • Large engineering department for complex scaffolding structures
  • Only certified suppliers for scaffolding materials
scaffolding image


  • Ultra High Water Blasting - supply of qualified blasting crews and UHP water blasters
  • Dry Grit Blasting - Traditional methods of surface preparation are efficiently handled by Onstream operators
  • Vapor Blasting - Vapor Abrasive technology gives you an equally powerful blast that works quickly like dry blasting, but requires a fraction of the media and the time required to clean it up
  • Painting - Flexible painting solutions both for indoor/ outdoor, at height, onshore┬á/ offshore. Spraying, airless, and airmix or manual painting Application of unique coatings
blasting and painting image


As a safety oriented company, we also offer one of the most prominent fireproofing solutions on the market:

  • Chartek 1709 is a high performance epoxy intumescent fire protection coating system
  • Specially designed for oil and gas industry
  • Provides corrosion protection and passive fire protection in a single system
  • Provides real lifecycle cost saving by reducing on-going maintenance
fireproofing and insulation image


  • Brings savings to both Capital and Operational Expenditure, e.g. reducing manpower overheads for protecting assets
  • Reduces equipment and process downtime
  • Solves asset life extension challenges faced by Industry allowing our clients to allocate capital resources elsewhere
  • Arrests all types of corrosion and contamination and protects all types of complex components including those with moving parts
  • Easy inspection and maintenance without damaging the substrate
  • 10 year guaranteed protection!